June 2024
Investments in IT and Startups
Axelera raises new funds amid growing AI chip market
The funding supports the startup’s mission to democratize access to AI. According to Statista and, the AI chip market could generate $67 billion in revenue by 2027.
Odaseva raises $54 million in Series C to protect Salesforce users
The startup focuses on ensuring a secure environment. The Odaseva team has created a leading platform for enhancing data resilience for the Salesforce ecosystem.
Synthflow secures $7.4 million for no-code voice assistance platform
The Berlin-based startup is developing a platform with artificial intelligence for small and medium-sized businesses. The new funding will be directed towards research and development.
Creatio raises $200 million to develop CRM platform and document automation
The company essentially offers clients a front office: sales, customer relationships, marketing, and service management processes. The startup's main competitors include Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, and SAP.
Volkswagen Group invests $1 billion in electric vehicle startup Rivian
As part of the deal, the two companies will form a joint venture to develop software and technology. Rivian will share its expertise in electrical architecture with VW and is expected to transfer existing intellectual property rights to the joint venture.
EvolutionaryScale raises $142 million for protein-generating AI
The startup EvolutionaryScale will direct investments towards creating AI models that generate new proteins for scientific research. The funding round was supported by Amazon and NVentures, Nvidia's corporate venture arm.
OpenAI acquires Rockset to bolster its enterprise AI
Rockset creates tools for real-time data search and analytics. OpenAI stated that it would integrate Rockset’s technology to enhance infrastructure across all products.
Daydream receives $50 million to create an e-commerce search engine
Daydream focuses on providing personalized shopping results using generative artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision. The company plans to offer the platform in beta to US consumers this fall.
Cadana raises $7.1 million for payroll platform
Cadana optimizes the payroll process for HR companies. The platform’s geography has already covered 32 developing countries, including Brazil, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, and the UAE.
French quantum computing startup C12 raises $19.4 million
The C12 team is working on its business ecosystem. The startup's current focus is on the chemical industry and energy. One industry uses quantum computers to model chemical reactions, while the other solves optimization problems.
Tinybird raises another $30 million to transform data into real-time APIs
The company works with well-known clients such as Vercel, Canva, and FanDuel. This round will help accelerate initiatives that will strengthen the advantages of the real-time data processing platform for engineering and information teams.
Enveda raises $55 million to combine ancient remedies with AI for drug discovery
Identifying, isolating, and testing natural molecules is more complex and labor-intensive than synthesizing new compounds in the laboratory. Enveda identifies plants with the highest likelihood of yielding drugs; team members collect materials and test them using a laboratory and AI model
Amazon plans to spend $230 million on generative AI startups
The investments will position Amazon AWS Generative AI Accelerator as an attractive choice of cloud infrastructure for startups developing generative AI models for their products. Most of the new tranche will come in the form of credits for AWS infrastructure.
AccountsIQ secures $65 million to enhance bookkeeping tools with AI
The company offers a range of digital accounting services, tax services, and reporting. The funds will be directed toward creating the "financial function of the future" — cloud-based automated services supported by artificial intelligence to help accounting departments work faster and better.
Restate raises $7 million to expand operations
The main goal of Restate is to simplify the development of distributed applications. The company announced the release of version 1.0 with an open BSL license and the launch of a managed cloud service.
AI news reader Particle raises $10.9 million
The startup offers an AI-powered app to summarize news from various publishers. Partnerships and investments are intended to show how serious Particle is about collaborating with publishers.
Paris-based AI startup Mistral AI raises $640 million in Series B
The company is working on foundational AI models to compete with the most productive GPT-4 from OpenAI, Claude 3 from Anthropic, and Llama 3 from Meta. The company also offers a chat assistant called Le Chat, which is currently available for free.
Cognigy secures $100 million to automate contact centers
Cognigy develops its generative AI models to enhance its platform. The startup plans to invest the new capital in geographic expansion across the US and developing new products.
Stake raises $14 million to expand operations in Saudi Arabia and the UAE
Stake intends to use the investment to implement its international plans. Most of the funds will be directed toward opening an office in Saudi Arabia and expanding operations in Abu Dhabi. Some of the money will also be used to offer additional options in Dubai, such as commercial real estate investments.
Anterior secures $20 million to expedite health insurance approvals with AI
The Anterior project aims to reduce denials and speed up patient access to medical care. Over time, the company plans to expand the scope of other healthcare administration functions.
New battery manufacturer EnerVenue raises $515 million in initial round
The EnerVenue startup has introduced an alternative to lithium-ion batteries for long-term renewable energy storage. The funding will be used to implement the project.
Tektonic AI raises $10 million to build GenAI agents for automating business operations
The Seattle-based startup combines GenAI with more traditional methods. The team is currently working on testing and refining the system with several development partners. Tektonic requires installation as a container in a virtual private cloud.
Google acquires Cameyo to bring Windows apps to ChromeOS
Cameyo develops virtualization tools. By combining ChromeOS capabilities with innovative virtual application delivery technology, Google will enable companies to modernize their IT infrastructure while preserving investments in existing software.
Tobiko secures $21.8 million to build a modern data platform
The startup aims to rethink data management by offering a dbt-compatible data transformation platform. It is based on popular open-source projects SQLMesh and SQLGlot.
SAP to acquire digital adoption platform WalkMe for $1.5 billion
The deal with WalkMe will complement two other acquisitions made by SAP. In 2021, the company acquired the German firm Signavio, which deals with business process automation. At the end of last year, it purchased LeanIX, specializing in enterprise architecture management, mainly helping companies modernize faster.
GetWhy platform raises $34.5 million in Series A
GetWhy is engaged in consumer research, helping companies conduct market research and extract insights from video interviews using artificial intelligence. The Danish company counts several well-known brands, including Nestlé, McDonald's, Nike, and L'Oréal.
Storyblok raises $80 million to bring more AI into its CMS
The Linz, Austria-based startup works on a content management system (CMS) for organizations. Storyblok plans to use the funds for further expansion into Europe and the US, as well as for implementing new automation and artificial intelligence tools.
Neural Concept raises $27 million to cut EV design time to 18 months
The Swiss startup plans to apply artificial intelligence to accelerate the design process. The startup’s product is currently used by Airbus, Bosch, General Electric, Mubea, Subaru, and four Formula 1 racing teams.
Software Development
and Innovations allows conversations with various characters
Calls to virtual AI characters can be useful for practicing language skills or incorporating them into gameplay. The feature currently supports several languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.
Google Translate adds support for 110 languages
These languages include Afar, Cantonese, Manx, Punjabi (Shahmukhi), Tamazight (Amazigh), and Tok Pisin. The company said that the new languages are spoken by more than 614 million people, or about 8% of the world's population.
Google improves search functionality in Chrome mobile app
Users will be able to experience new shortcuts for local search results, an updated address bar, Live sports cards for fans, and more personalized search recommendations. These features will appear on both Android and iOS devices.
Video editing app Captions releases AI editing feature
The new feature adds custom graphics, as well as zooms, music, sound effects, transitions, and a moving background based on content to vertical videos. The main goal is to give users the ability to express ideas.
Opera browser to feature AI-powered image generation
The beta version of Opera One introduces new multimedia controls, split tabs, and AI capabilities. Controls can be in a separate floating window, just like the picture-in-picture video module.
Google integrates Gemini AI into Gmail
Gemini will help write emails and summarize the subjects of incoming messages. Google will also add the Gemini sidebar to Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive.
Apple launches iPhone Mirroring on Mac
The beta versions of iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia include support for mirroring the iPhone directly to the Mac. Users will be able to use their phone on the computer, including launching iPhone apps and even moving files between Mac and iPhone.
Style DNA app showcases generative chatbot for fashion recommendations
The AI-based app provides style recommendations based on selfies. It can suggest outfits based on height and body type, as well as items from the wardrobe that can be scanned with the phone’s camera and uploaded to the platform.
SpaceX debuts portable Starlink Mini for $599
The mini-antenna weighs about 2.5 pounds with the stand, which is only about 60% of the weight of the standard Starlink antenna. The device operates with download speeds of over 100 Mbps.
XReal introduces a device to connect Android apps to AR glasses
The Snapdragon-based device runs Android 14 and is equipped with a pair of 50-megapixel cameras for shooting 3D images and spatial videos. Beam Pro provides users with access to all Google Play apps, social networks, entertainment streaming, and gaming platforms.
WhatsApp will support video calls for up to 32 people
The limit for video call participants in the messenger has been increased to 32 people. There is also a highlighting feature that automatically highlights the speaking participant and displays them first on the screen.
Apple unveils iOS 18 with new AI-powered features
Apple demonstrated Apple Intelligence, a new "personal intelligence system" that will be used across all platforms. New features allow iPhone to understand languages on the device, added new image processing capabilities, and expanded Siri's functionality.
French startup Ten ten invents portable walkie-talkie
The app allows users to receive messages even if the phone is locked. The main feature is that messages are not stored, so they can only be listened to once.
May 2024
Investments in IT and Startups
Romanian startup FintechOS raises $60 million to protect banks from neobanks
The Romanian startup creates tools that help old banking and insurance companies offer new features and products provided by neobanks. Key clients of FintechOS include Société Générale, Admiral, Ben
Slingshot raises $2.2 million for financial services for artists
Slingshot helps find the tools needed to manage financial operations. The company offers its own corporate card to centralize financial transactions on its platform.
Solutions by Text raises $110 million for bill payments via text messages
The company allows users to pay their bills and apply for loans via text messages. The funding will be used for further organizational growth.
Relay raises $32.2 million to help small businesses manage cash flow
Relay is a banking and capital management service for small and medium-sized businesses. The online platform is designed to help businesses control their cash flows.
Faircado raises $3 million to expand its browser extension for buying used goods
Berlin-based company Faircado has created a browser extension and wants to become the hub for finding used products. When you search for a product on sites like Amazon, Zalando, or Patagonia, the extension matches images and text to offer pre-owned alternatives.
Felix Pago raises $15.5 million in seed round for money transfers via WhatsApp
The fast-growing startup raised funding to expand its presence in Latin America and the US. The main interface is WhatsApp with a chatbot that simplifies sending and receiving cross-border money transfers, even using voice messages.
Elon Musk’s xAI raises $6 billion in Series B xAI is an AI startup founded by Elon Musk.
The company plans to use the new funding round to launch its first product suite, build advanced infrastructure, and accelerate research and development of future technologies.
Google invests $350 million in Indian e-commerce startup Flipkart
Flipkart leads the e-commerce market in India, serving hundreds of millions of consumers in small towns. The startup controls about 48% of the Indian e-commerce market. Flipkart competes with Reliance Retail, Amazon, and Meesho, backed by SoftBank.
App developer Crowdaa raises 1.2 million euros for US expansion
The French company allows people with no development experience to easily create and launch mobile apps. The platform’s advantage lies in its technology: a full-stack service, a simple drag-and-drop interface, and integrated tools.
Bolster raises $14 million led by Microsoft’s M12
The AI startup has developed a new approach to solving the problem of receiving suspicious emails with unwanted links. The company will use the new capital to expand its work on the popular free phishing check portal CheckPhish.
Praktika raises $35.5 million to use AI avatars for language learning
The Praktika language learning app allows creating personalized avatars using AI to simulate working with a private tutor. The funding will be directed towards further platform development.
Autodesk acquires VFX startup Wonder Dynamics
Wonder Dynamics is a startup that enables quick and easy creation of complex characters and visual effects using AI-based image analysis. The two companies have been closely collaborating for many years.
80,000 daily users bring Farcaster $150 million in funding
Farcaster is a social protocol that allows developers to build other applications on top of it. The most popular is the social network Warpcast, which is similar to X (Twitter).
French AI startup H raises $220 million in seed round
H aims to work on AI agents: automated systems that can perform tasks traditionally done by humans. The company plans to achieve full artificial general intelligence (AGI) — a concept where AI can solve a wide range of tasks at a level comparable to human intelligence.
Vitesse closes $93 million Series C to drive US growth
Vitesse aims to provide insurance companies with a unified platform for treasury and payment management. The company is doubling its efforts to expand in the US, facilitated by the appointment of Kurt Hess, who will lead its US growth.
CyberArk acquires Venafi for $1.54 billion to enhance machine-to-machine security
Venafi’s technologies focus on ensuring security and understanding data flows between machines. As a result of the deal, CyberArk plans to expand its market presence.
Agora raises $34 million in Series B for Carta development
The company develops software that manages data, automates reporting, simplifies fundraising processes, and provides accounting and tax services to real estate investment companies. Agora plans to start serving clients in Central and South America and Australia.
16.05.2024 raises $10 million in early round to help companies use virtual meeting data
The startup has created infrastructure and a unified API that allows companies to access raw data from virtual meeting platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack Huddles, Zoom, and even platforms without an API. Users can create AI-based meeting bots themselves.
CoLab raises $21 million for engineering collaboration tools
The company’s tools allow engineers to view project files, capture and track feedback, and document issues on a single dashboard. Companies like Ford, Johnson Controls, and Schneider Electric currently use CoLab solutions.
Alkira raises $100 million for cloud connection solutions
Alkira’s latest development is “network infrastructure as a service,” which allows managing hybrid cloud assets as a unified whole. Alkira has all the capabilities to unlock growing potential with its visionary approach, market popularity, and advanced technologies.
Weka raises $140 million amid AI demand bolstering data platforms
Weka is a platform for building data pipelines that process various sources, types, and sizes of information. The company’s main offering is a parallel file system that can distribute data processing tasks across multiple locations simultaneously.
Sona raises $27.5 million for US expansion
Sona helps companies manage almost all aspects of employee work: from shift scheduling, time tracking, and feedback collection to connecting with agencies to cover shifts during staff shortages. The funds will be directed towards accelerating international expansion plans.
DEEPX raises $80 million in Series C for new AI chip solutions
DEEPX, a South Korean startup with an on-device AI chip (NPU or neural processing unit), creates hardware and software for various applications in electronic devices. The startup plans to use the capital to accelerate the development and launch of the next generation of embedded LLM solutions.
Triomics raises $15 million in early round to automate cancer clinical trials matching
Triomics is one of the few startups processing large datasets specifically for oncology centers. The company plans to reduce the time needed for doctors to select patients who can participate in studies.
Checkfirst raises $1.5 million for applying AI in remote inspections and audits
Checkfirst’s solution is API-based and uses AI for image recognition and automation, report summarization, and scheduling. The funding will be used for further platform development.
Israeli startup Panax raises $10 million in early round for AI-driven cash flow management platform
Panax targets medium and large companies in traditional industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and real estate. Panax hopes to differentiate itself by not only offering investment accounts and credit lines.
Atlan raises $105 million for data management platform
Atlan aims to bring order to IT and help understand that despite the diversity of tools and data repositories, a unified picture can be achieved. The idea is to create a data structure that helps understand how data connects within an organization and simplifies collaboration.
Axmed raises $2 million to optimize drug supply chains
Axmed creates a marketplace to connect manufacturers with healthcare institutions. This will eliminate shortages, high logistics costs, and counterfeit drugs. The startup plans to aggregate demand, allowing buyers to obtain medications directly from manufacturers at lower prices.
Samsung Medison to acquire French startup Sonio for $92.7 million
Samsung Medison produces medical equipment specializing in diagnostic devices. The company stated that Sonio’s software will help it bring more advanced AI-powered image processing workflows to market.
Honeycomb raises $36 million in Series B for new insurance programs
The company offers property insurance for homeowners and condominium associations. Honeycomb will use the new funding to increase staff from 90 to 180 people over the next 18 months, introduce new products, and expand its offerings in new markets.
Accel invests $4 million in Egyptian corporate cards platform Swypex
Swypex is a financial company offering corporate cards and management tools for businesses. The funding will be directed towards expanding the business and the technical capabilities of the platform.
Wayve raises $1.05 billion in Series C for self-driving technology
Wayve, a UK-based startup, is developing a self-learning system for autonomous driving. The company plans to use the new investment to develop a product for "eyes-on" vehicle control and fully automated driving with AI support.
Allozymes raises $15 million for accelerated enzymes to work with data and AI
Allozymes has introduced an original method for quickly testing millions of biological chemical reactions. The company plans to transform its business from a useful service into a world-class resource.
Software Development
and Innovations
Instagram adds teen protection tool to limit interaction
Instagram expands the capabilities of its "Restrict" tool specifically for teenagers. After enabling the feature, teens can only see comments, messages, story replies, tags, and mentions from "Close Friends" group. Interaction with unfamiliar accounts will be restricted.
Google adds AI-powered features to Chromebook
New AI-powered features include a text writing assistant, wallpaper creation program, and convenient access to the Google Gemini chatbot. Chromebook Plus laptops are low-spec devices focused on performance.
Ledger launches high-performance hardware crypto wallet
The French startup known for its secure hardware crypto wallets releases an updated wallet featuring an E Ink display, developed in partnership with Tony Fadell, one of the lead designers of iPod.
Truecaller enables AI voice responses to calls
Truecaller now allows customers to use their AI-based assistant to respond to phone calls in their own voice. Partnership with Microsoft enables the Swedish company to use personalized voice communication technology within Azure AI Speech.
Meta's Ray-Ban smart glasses allow sharing images on Instagram Story
By taking a photo with smart glasses, users can voice command to post the image on Instagram. Meta also introduces multimodal artificial intelligence in smart glasses, enabling users to ask questions about what they see.
YouTube TV's Multiview feature now available on Android phones and tablets
The feature is designed for sports viewers who want to follow more than one live broadcast simultaneously without constantly switching channels. Users need to update the YouTube TV app to the latest version to launch it.
Google TV to feature AI-generated movie descriptions
In the absence of descriptions on the main screen, artificial intelligence will automatically fill them in. It will also translate descriptions into the viewer's native language, making content accessible to a wider audience.
Looking Glass launches new 3D displays
The company releases a pair of new displays, including a 16-inch model priced at $4000, as well as a 32-inch version. Displays are available in both landscape and portrait orientations, providing flexibility for various content formats and applications.
Google integrates Gemini features into Google Maps
Developers can now display places and areas in their own apps and websites, such as restaurant collections or stores. The new feature is globally available, with brief information about places and areas already accessible in the US.
Apple unveils new Magic Keyboard
The Magic Keyboard for iPad is now thinner and lighter, featuring quick access to screen brightness and volume controls. Additionally, the new keyboard includes aluminum palm rests and an enlarged trackpad.
WhatsApp introduces event planning for users
The new feature simplifies event planning within communities. Any user can create an event, which others can respond to. All group members can view events, while those planning to attend receive notifications.
April 2024
Investments in IT and Startups
Ethiopian plastic recycling startup Kubik receives $1.9 million for technology license
The startup expands operations in Ethiopia following a factory launch in Addis Ababa, recycling plastic waste into interlocking building materials like bricks, columns, beams, and lintels. Kubik plans to double its Addis Ababa operations, laying the foundation for pan-African growth from 2025.
Chilean startup Fintoc raises $7 million to fully enter Mexico
Fintoc's product is an API enabling online companies to accept instant payments directly from a customer's bank account. The funding will expand business in Latin American countries.
RevenueCat increases Series C round by $12 million to expand internet subscription management
RevenueCat supports subscriptions in over 30,000 apps, processing over $2 billion annually. In addition to new product support, the funding will help the company expand into new markets, including Japan and South Korea.
Carv raises $10 million in seed round to help gamers monetize data
Carv offers a platform for web gaming and AI companies, as well as gamers, to control and monetize their data. The funding will improve portal design for scalability and support broader usage scenarios.
IBM acquires US software development company HashiCorp for $6.4 billion
With HashiCorp, IBM gains a suite of cloud security and lifecycle management tools, aiming to create a comprehensive hybrid cloud platform for the AI era.
Dripos raises $11 million in Series A for coffee shop software
Dripos integrates retail points, mobile payments, employee management, payroll, loyalty program automation, marketing functions, and administrative tasks such as accounting and banking. The company aims to invest in technology development and market expansion.
Nvidia acquires Run: ai for $700 million
Israeli company Run: ai simplifies AI workload management for developers and operational teams. Nvidia will continue offering Run: ai products under the same business model.
Perplexity raises $250 million on popularity of its AI-based search engine
Perplexity's product core is a generative AI-based search engine providing results via a chatbot-style interface. The company develops algorithms including various LLMs to deliver precise answers.
Bump raises $3 million seed for financial management platform
Bump enables entrepreneurs to track income and asset market value. The platform helps secure better deals and manage partner debts.
Philippine startup Pomelo raises $35 million in Series A
Pomelo combines international money transfers and lending. The new capital will fund product and market expansion, with Mexico as the next target country.
Webflow acquires Intellimize to create AI-driven website personalization platform
Webflow, a web design and hosting platform, expands into marketing with the acquisition of Intellimize, which uses AI to personalize websites for unique visitors.
Cape raises $61 million for mobile service that doesn't use personal data
Washington, D.C.-based startup Cape aims to create a secure approach to personal data on mobile networks. Cape neither collects nor intends to request user information such as name, address, social security number, or location.
Screen Skinz raises $1.5 million seed for custom screen protectors
The company manufactures custom screen protectors for phones featuring personalized logos or slogans visible when the device screen is off. Customers can create their own designs or choose from the company's catalog.
Indian company VerSe acquires competitor Magzter
Magzter is a popular digital newsstand platform with over 1 million paid subscribers in India and an active user base of 87 million.
Ramp secures another $150 million in Series D to automate expense management
The expense management startup focuses on AI-driven services. The new funding aims to enhance innovation, including AI automation of complex processes, deeper expenditure insights, and expanded decision-making capabilities.
Flatpay raises $47 million in Series B to target small merchants with simple payment solutions
The Danish company develops payment solutions for small and medium-sized businesses like shops, restaurants, and salons. It plans to enter new European markets and launch additional products.
Microsoft allocates $1.5 billion to G42 amid growing US-China rift
Abu Dhabi-based G42 aims to become a global leader in AI. Microsoft gains extensive access to the region's market, integrating its business across industries such as finance, healthcare, energy, government, and education.
Finmid raises $24.7 million to help SMBs access loans
Berlin-based Finmid creates embedded fintech solutions tailored for trading platforms. The funding will support product development and market expansion.
Lawhive raises $12 million to expand AI-powered legal tech platform for small firms
British legal tech startup Lawhive provides AI-driven "virtual lawyers" through a software-as-a-service platform. The company aims to expand its AI-based service offerings.
API startup Noname Security plans $500 million sale to Akamai
Noname Security specializes in API cybersecurity, offering comprehensive proactive API security solutions. It serves 20% of Fortune 500 companies and covers the entire API security landscape.
Turkish startup ikas raises $20 million for small business e-commerce platform
The company aims to expand operations into new European markets. Currently, the service operates in Turkey and Germany. Platform representatives state it simplifies store management for companies seeking a digital presence.
Guesty raises $130 million to help property managers list on Airbnb
Guesty is a platform that allows accommodation managers to run their businesses online. The company plans to enhance its existing platform for current clients.
10.04.2024 announces acquisition of messaging app Beeper for $125 million
In the future, messaging will work across all services. Beeper's main app connects to 14 services, including Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Instagram DM, LinkedIn, Twitter/X, Discord, Google Messages.
Cyera raises $300 million at $1.4 billion valuation
Cyera has developed an artificial intelligence-based platform to help organizations understand the location and movement of all data within their networks. The company's clients include several multinational corporations.
Sprinto secures $20 million for automating security compliance management
Sprinto manages supplier risk, vulnerability assessment, access control, evidence collection, and other tasks. The platform plans to increase automation levels and expand its client base to include a wide range of companies operating in digital formats not technology-oriented.
US awards TSMC $6.6 billion grant to expand chip manufacturing in Arizona
The US aims to redirect chip production amid escalating geopolitical tensions between the US and China. TSMC will build a third production unit in addition to the two currently under construction and will manufacture 2-nanometer or more advanced chips.
EarliTec Diagnostics raises $21.5 million for early autism diagnosis
The new system helps doctors diagnose autism in children as young as 16 months. The startup's technology is currently used in eight clinics across six US states
Kiwibot, a robot delivery company, acquires Taipei chipmaker
Growing tension in US-China relations is a key motivator for the purchase. The deal will help the University of California, Berkeley's spin-off establish a presence in the Asian market.
04.04.2024 raises $70 million to introduce GenAI multimodal chip
Silicon Valley startup producing system-on-chip (SoC) platforms for embedded machine learning. The company plans to bring its second-generation chipset to market, specifically designed for multimodal generative data processing in AI.
Aerospike raises $109 million for its real-time database platform amid AI boom
Aerospike, working on NoSQL, plans to use the funds to accelerate innovations in artificial intelligence. They are mainly focused on graphical and vector capabilities. Today, the company's clients include Airtel, TransUnion, Snap, and parent company TechCrunch Yahoo.
SaaS startup SingleInterface raises $30 million in Series A to help companies go online
Singaporean SaaS startup offers offline companies tools to increase revenue by using the Internet. SingleInterface aims to expand its international presence and enhance products to make them more relevant to global brands.
HD raises $5.6 million to develop Sierra artificial intelligence
Thai company HD creates healthcare-focused chatbots. The company is currently working on creating the Sierra artificial intelligence for Southeast Asia's healthcare industry.
Software Development
and Innovations
Instagram updates algorithm to focus on content from smaller audience creators
The company aims to provide equal exposure conditions for all content creators. Instagram states that it is working on a new way to rank recommendations that will show suitable content for smaller audiences.
Playruo allows launching game demos from a web browser
Playruo launches video games without the need for any installation. Thus, publishers can send a game demo in the form of a publicly accessible link.
AI assistant Rabbit's R1 available for sale
Rabbit R1 is a gadget with a microphone that allows users to use various services by giving natural voice commands. The device will find the optimal solution to the user's task and execute all commands.
WhatsApp adds support for passkeys on iOS
Users will no longer need to receive one-time codes via SMS. WhatsApp can be accessed using password verification through facial recognition, biometrics, or a PIN stored in Apple's password manager.
Ecosia search engine launches cross-platform browser
Ecosia funds tree planting initiatives from part of its search ad revenue. The new browser, available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, is built on top of the open-source Chromium project.
Poetry Camera generates poems from photos
Poetry Camera takes the concept of photography to a new level by creating poems based on visual effects. Raspberry Pi takes a picture, and then computer vision algorithms analyze visual data. AI models then interpret the image in the frame, which serves as the basis for the poetry creation process.
Boston Dynamics' humanoid robot Atlas operates on electricity
Following the retirement of the hydraulic version of the humanoid robot, Boston Dynamics announced that Atlas has become electric. The new version of the robot is almost unrecognizable—it has become more graceful, with smooth lines and a less heavy torso.
BigPanda launches generation tool specifically designed for ITOps
BigPanda collects operational and contextual customer information from observation, change data, CDMB, and topology. The tool provides a tips window where users can ask questions and interact with the bot.
WhatsApp adds filters for easy message searching
New chat filters allow easy access to specific message types: all, unread, and groups. WhatsApp is working on other filters, such as "Contacts," to filter messages from unknown people and businesses.
Meta plans to integrate AI-powered search bar into Instagram
Entering a query in the search bar will initiate a conversation in DM with Meta AI. Users can ask questions or use preloaded prompts.
Google Photos introduces free AI-powered editing tools
Among the available tools, Magic Editor stands out—a service powered by artificial intelligence that enhances photos. Additional features include Magic Eraser (removes unwanted elements from photos), Photo Unblur (sharpens blurry photos), Portrait Light (allows changing lighting sources in photos), and others.
Google Vids will help create personalized video clips with AI assistance
The tool will become part of Google Workspace, allowing real-time collaboration across different devices. Examples of video clips include product presentations, educational content, and team celebration videos.
Google introduces video clip generator
Imagen 2 now offers the ability to create short four-second video clips based on textual prompts. This can be done using AI-powered clip generation tools like Runway, Pika, and Reverent Labs.
March 2024
Investments in IT and Startups
Skyflow Raises Additional $30 Million Due to Increased Demand for AI in Privacy
The new capital will allow Skyflow to expand its data privacy business. This marks a new stage in supporting new artificial intelligence technologies.
Wonderschool, Backed by a16z, Acquires EarlyDay
Wonderschool, a software startup helping individuals and local authorities modernize childcare businesses, has acquired EarlyDay, a manager of the early childhood education services market.
StealthMole Raises $7 Million in Series A for AI-Powered Dark Web Intelligence Platform
The startup from Singapore and South Korea plans to use the raised capital to create additional research and development centers and support the commercial use of its technologies in the B2B sector. The company also plans to expand its geographical presence.
Databricks Spends $10 Million on Training New Generative AI Model DBRX
Databricks has spent approximately two months training DBRX. The company claims that the new model surpasses all existing open-source models in standard tests.
Cyera Raises $300 Million for AI-Powered Cybersecurity
The cybersecurity startup focuses on addressing artificial intelligence as the next major challenge in corporate data protection. Cyera fights against cybercriminals using AI to hack networks, aiming to better control corporate data.
Global Screening Services Raises $47 Million to Help Banks Screen for Global Sanctions
The London-based startup has introduced a compliance platform to help financial institutions meet global sanctions obligations. GSS is transitioning from the development phase to full-scale operation.
The Browser Company Raises $50 Million to Implement AI in Arc Browser
The Arc browser features command panel navigation, pinned tabs, and various workspaces for separating work and personal browsing. In January, the company released the Arc Search app for iOS, focusing on AI-based search.
Greenly Allocates $52 Million to Assist Small Companies in Tracking CO2 Emissions
The Paris-based company's main product is carbon emissions accounting software. It collects data from clients, including transportation bills, cloud computing usage, and financial reports. Greenly aims to move beyond corporate carbon accounting to assess the lifecycle of individual products.
White House Proposes Up to $8.5 Billion to Fund Intel's Domestic Chip Manufacturing
The White House plans to allocate up to $8.5 billion to finance Intel's chip production in the United States. Intel adds that it plans to invest 10 times more over the next 50 years. The company is expected to create around 20,000 jobs in construction and 10,000 in manufacturing.
Uber Invests $100 Million in African Startup Moove
Uber has invested $100 million in Moove, an African startup that offers financing to vehicle drivers using ride-hailing and delivery apps. The investment will be used for expansion into new markets.
Telegram Raises $330 Million Through Bond Sales
The app, which has over 900 million users, issued bonds worth $210 million last year. Over the past few years, the company, headquartered in Dubai, has introduced new revenue streams, including advertising, selling usernames on the blockchain, and premium subscriptions.
Apple Acquires AI Startup Specializing in Manufacturing Component Oversight
DarwinAI specializes in visual monitoring technology for components during production to enhance efficiency. In addition to improving manufacturing efficiency, DarwinAI uses methods to make AI models faster, which could be useful for features in devices that Apple hopes to introduce in iOS 18 this year.
Youverify Raises $2.5 Million to Enhance Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
The Nigerian startup specializes in offering ready-made and custom digital solutions to government and private institutions in Saudi Arabia. With the new tranche, the company plans to enhance the efficiency of global risk analysis and expand its products to new markets.
Empathy Raises $47 Million for Platform Assisting People Dealing with Loss
Empathy has created a platform that assists with various tasks related to bereavement, from funeral organization to financial matters. The funds will be used to continue developing tools.
Tierra Biosciences Raises $11 Million for AI-Driven Protein Synthesis
The San Leandro-based company has developed a platform for individualized protein synthesis driven by artificial intelligence. This development will help pharmaceutical, industrial, and agricultural organizations develop new proteins in weeks rather than months.
LG Invests $60 Million in Bear Robotics' Robot Waiter
California-based startup Bear Robotics produces AI-powered server robots. The autonomous tray-carrying towers are designed to replace waiters in restaurants and other establishments. With these investments, LG Electronics becomes Bear's largest shareholder.
Applied Intuition Raises $250 Million in Series E Funding for AI-Powered Autonomous Vehicle Software Evaluation
The startup, valued at $6 billion, aims to integrate artificial intelligence into more sectors, including automotive, defense, construction, and agriculture. The new capital will finance the most ambitious projects.
Leonardo DiCaprio Supports SolarMente in Democratising Solar Energy in Spain
SolarMente offers energy management services, including the installation of solar panels without upfront costs. This marks Leonardo DiCaprio's first investment in Spain.
Griffin Raises $24 Million After Obtaining Full Banking License
Griffin Bank, a British platform offering Banking as a Service (BaaS), has obtained a full banking license. The platform enables fintech companies to provide banking services, payments, and financial solutions through automation and integrated accounting.
AI2 Incubator Secures $200 Million in Compute Resources for AI Startups
Companies in the AI2 Incubator program can receive dedicated compute resources worth up to $1 million in data centers. This will cover most of the computational needs of companies developing new foundational models.
Cyclode Acquires Bearer to Accelerate AI-Enhanced Security Remediation
Cyclode, a startup offering a comprehensive application security posture management platform, has acquired Bearer. Their tool continuously scans code for potential vulnerabilities throughout the software lifecycle and helps remediate these issues.
Multiverse Raises $27 Million for Quantum Software
The San Sebastian-based startup plans to continue developing its existing business, focusing on industries such as manufacturing and finance. Multiverse aims to collaborate more closely with companies in artificial intelligence, creating and leveraging large language models.
Thoma Bravo Acquires Everbridge, a Critical Event Management Software Company
Thoma Bravo has acquired Everbridge, a company specializing in critical event management (CEM) software, for $1.8 billion. Everbridge helps businesses across various industries respond to emergencies.
Software Development
and Innovations
Amazon One Launches New App for Palm Scanning When Ordering
With the palm recognition contactless service, customers can hover their palm over a device and make purchases at selected locations, including over 500 Whole Foods Market and Amazon stores. Users can simply scan their palm on the device and use it in the app.
NASA's Snake Robot Designed to Search for Life in the Icy Oceans of a Saturn Moon
The robot's body allows it to move in hard-to-reach places. After studying the oceans of the moon, NASA plans to send the snake robot to Saturn's small cold moon, Enceladus.
WhatsApp Now Allows Pinning Up to Three Messages
Previously, users could only pin one message at the top of a conversation with a contact or group. Users can now pin all types of messages, including text, images, and polls.
AI Shopping Assistant Cherry Helps Discover Products Using Screenshots or Images
Cherry assists in finding products encountered while scrolling through social media or seen in real life. The artificial intelligence technology underlying Cherry leverages the capabilities of Google and Bing to gather data directly on the user's device.
Roblox's AI Features Speed Up Avatar and 3D Model Creation
Roblox introduces two new artificial intelligence technologies to reduce the time needed to create avatars and 3D models. They eliminate the labor-intensive steps of avatar setup and texturing when creating content on the Roblox platform.
LinkedIn Plans to Add Gaming to Its Platform
LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, known as a platform for professional networking and recruitment, is working on a new gaming interface. The first three projects are games called "Queens," "Inference," and "Crossclimb."
Mercedes Begins Piloting Apptronik Humanoid Robots
Apptronik and Mercedes-Benz will collaborate to explore applications for advanced robotics in Mercedes-Benz production. Mercedes plans to use robotics and Apollo to automate some types of low-skilled manual labor with physical strain.
Amazon Enables Sellers to Create Listings via URL Using AI
The company simplifies the creation of listings for sellers if the product is already on their website. The new tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze details from the URL of the product on another site and create an Amazon listing. This feature is available to sellers in the US.
Reflex Robotics' Wheeled Humanoid Robot Offers Snacks
At the Modex exhibition in Atlanta, visitors were surprised by a humanoid robot that accurately dispensed free food upon request. The robot, working at Modex, represents a second-generation system that is currently being selectively tested by potential customers.
Stashpad Introduces Google Docs Alternative
StashPad Docs is a new offering from Stashpad that doesn't require authentication and supports formatting. The product is available in the browser, and document history is stored locally, allowing users to work without server access.
Apple Launches VisionOS 1.1 with Improved Personas
The update enhances the appearance of hairstyles, makeup, neck, mouth, and eye visualization. The new version of VisionOS also introduces mobile device management (MDM) capabilities.
Apple Unveils New 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air Models with M3 Chip
Apple has introduced new MacBook Air models featuring the M3 chip, equipped with an 8-core processor combined with a 10-core graphics processor. The new MacBook Air devices also feature a matrix with three microphones to enhance voice clarity during calls.
February 2024
Investments in IT and Startups
Bfree Secures $3 Million in Series B for Debt Collection Automation
The Nigerian startup was founded to automate and implement ethical debt collection processes. Essentially, it's a self-service platform that allows borrowers to set up new payment plans and AI-driven dialogue tools.
OpenCTI by Filigran Raises $16 Million for Cybersecurity Threat Management Suite
The French cybersecurity startup Filigran leverages the success of OpenCTI to create an open-source threat management suite. OpenCTI is a threat analysis platform that allows data collection from multiple sources in a unified interface.
AI Image Editor Photoroom Raises $43 Million
The Paris-based AI photo editing app processes around 5 billion images annually. Photoroom plans to use the funds for hiring and continued investment in research, development, and infrastructure.
Microsoft Invests $16 Million in Mistral AI
The Paris-based AI startup, working on foundational models, announced a new language model that can compete with OpenAI's GPT-4. Microsoft claims these investments will be officially converted into equity in the next funding round.
Interview Kickstart Attracts $10 Million for Tech Talent Shortage Solutions
The San Francisco-based startup helps technical professionals acquire skills for career advancement. The funding will be directed towards scaling the company.
Haomo Raises $14 Million for Autonomous Driving Technologies
The autonomous driving startup, backed by Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor, is working on deployable L2 or L3 products.
Faddom Raises $12 Million for Company Mapping
The Israeli startup helps companies visualize their infrastructure and relationships, targeting medium-sized enterprises. The funding will be used to expand the company's workforce and production capabilities.
Orkes Raises $20 Million in Series A for Microservices Management Platform
The startup provides an enterprise-level microservices platform based on an open-source project. Orkes currently supports Conductor, created by the Netflix team.
Qloo Raises $25 Million for Taste Prediction
The New York-based startup aims to identify patterns in consumer behavior and trends in various segments including entertainment, fashion, travel, sports, food, and more. Qloo offers companies AI-generated correlation data across many cultural and entertainment areas, including film, travel, nightlife, and literature.
Bioptimus Raises $35 Million in Seed Round for AI Model Development Targeting Biology
The Paris-based startup can be considered a subsidiary of Owkin. Their AI improves disease diagnosis and helps create new biomolecules for medical or ecological applications. Bioptimus will train its models on expensive graphics processors and hire talented researchers.
Planity Raises $48 Million for SaaS for Hair Salons
The French startup Planity has launched a SaaS for hair salons to simplify appointment scheduling. Over time, the company expanded its services to beauty salons and nail salons. The platform manages waiting lists, sends reminders via text messages, and creates individual schedules for each employee.
SocialCrowd Raises $1.6 Million in Pre-Seed Round for Enterprise Performance Management
The startup in performance management offers a SaaS platform for managing productivity. It allows companies to set goals for their employees and reward them as they achieve them.
Scribe Raises $25 Million in Series B for Internal Knowledge Automation
The San Francisco-based startup has found a way to easily capture and document internal processes through automation. Scribe plans to scale the company and expand its workforce.
Arnergy Raises $3 Million for Solar Energy Systems in Homes and Businesses in Nigeria
The Nigerian startup in clean technology provides products and solutions in the field of distributed renewable energy. The funding round aims to further expand the company's operations and accelerate the implementation of its products and solutions from renewable energy sources in Nigeria and beyond.
Rasa Raises $30 Million for Enterprise Generative Assistants
Rasa has introduced an infrastructure that allows developers in large enterprises to create reliable generative conversational AI assistants. In 2023, the company doubled its annual recurring revenue compared to the previous year.
General Atlantic Invests $50 Million in Bold for Digital Payments Growth in Colombia
Bold provides affordable payment terminals, called datafones, which allow small and medium-sized enterprises to accept payments via links. The company is involved in financial technology and is building electronic payment infrastructure in Colombia.
Zendesk Acquires Estonian AI-Based Customer Service Startup Klaus
Klaus, an Estonian startup providing customer service assistance, has been acquired by Zendesk. The merger will help provide enterprises with the best AI-based quality control on the market.
Odyssey Raises $6 Million to Accelerate Growth of Energy Drink Production
Odyssey is a producer of functional energy drinks based on mushrooms. With the accelerated growth of the functional beverage industry, Odyssey aims to expand its operations and capitalize on the increasing consumer focus on healthy products.
Thea Energy Raises $20 Million in Series A for Nuclear Power Plants
The startup is betting on software to play a prominent role in providing reliable and affordable nuclear energy. Thea plans to build an experimental reactor.
Daedalus Raises $21 Million for Building Precision Manufacturing Plants
The young startup, founded by one of the early engineers of OpenAI, aims to integrate artificial intelligence into manufacturing to produce unique parts for medical, defense, and aerospace industries. The funding will be used to open additional plants.
08.02.2024 Raises $7 Million for Automation in Landscape Design
The Delaware-based startup is developing software for landscape design and construction services in the US. With the funding, the company hopes to improve its developments and distribute them to a larger number of enterprises.
Disney Invests $1.5 Billion in Epic Games for Building a Shared Universe with Fortnite
Epic and Disney announced a partnership to create an entirely new gaming and entertainment universe, bringing Disney characters to life through collaboration with Fortnite. The deal will enable Disney to enter the gaming world and open significant growth and expansion opportunities.
Amperesand Raises $12.5 Million for the Modernization of a 140-Year-Old Transformer
The power electronics startup will use the funding to assist in commercializing solid-state transformers made from silicon carbide. The technology was developed in the research laboratories of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.
Entrust Acquires AI-Based Identity Verification Startup Onfido
The merger with Onfido will allow Entrust to take leading positions throughout the entire identification lifecycle. The deal is reportedly valued at over $400 million.
Ambience Healthcare Raises $70 Million for AI-Assisted Medical Platform Led by OpenAI
Ambience Healthcare has developed a platform for healthcare organizations to help physicians with significant administrative work. The funding will be directed towards expanding the business.
ProducePay Raises $38 Million to Tackle Produce Supply Chain Waste
Los Angeles-based company ProducePay is addressing food waste issues resulting from the instability of the global supply chain for fresh produce. The new capital will support the company's expansion into Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, as well as the expansion of the ProducePay team.
Software Development
and Innovations
Adobe Unveils GenAI Tool for Music Creation
Adobe introduces Project Music GenAI Control — a platform that can generate audio from textual descriptions. The program allows adjusting tempo, intensity, repeating patterns, and structure within a single workflow.
YouTube's TikTok Competitor Expands to 13 More Markets
YouTube Create — Google's mobile app that helps create both short and longer videos — originally launched on Android in the US. The geographical reach has expanded to several countries, including Brazil, Spain, Canada, and Australia.
Sweanty Patch for Athletes Tracks Salt Loss
Spanish startup Sweanty creates disposable wearable devices called Sweanty patches. The sticky patch for tracking athletes' sweat allows capturing salt loss and helping adapt rehydration strategies.
Samsung Works on Its First Smart Ring
Samsung will showcase the Galaxy Ring at the Mobile World Congress later this year. The initial versions will not be able to send or receive emails, but due to its location on the finger, the ring will be convenient for tracking activity and sleep metrics.
New robot dog from Xiaomi performs flips from skateboard
CyberDog 2 can be purchased online for $3000. Xiaomi positiones development as a home robot.
Google introduces artificial intelligence in Google Posts, Android Auto and Wear OS
Google has announced a new set of features for phones, cars and wearable devices. Gemini will be available for creating messages and signatures to images generated by artificial intelligence, synthesizing texts with AI for Android Auto, and accessing passes in Wear OS.
Samsung included Galaxy AI in the new update for most of its devices
Samsung is implementing the Galaxy AI on more devices with the new One UL 6.1 update, which will be released in late March. Artificial intelligence features were first introduced for the Galaxy S24 series.
Hivemapper Challenges Google with Bee Dashcam
Hivemapper is preparing to launch a dashcam that could take away market share from Google. Bee is conceived as a more "passive" camera. It is protected from atmospheric influences and is more reliable. Drivers can install it outside their vehicles.
Google Tests Feature to Call Businesses on Your Behalf
Google is testing a new feature that allows you to call businesses on your behalf, wait on hold, and then call back as soon as an agent is available. The feature is currently available in English for US residents who have joined Search Labs.
Clubhouse Introduces Text-to-Voice Message Conversion
In the Clubhouse app, users can now send text messages to their friends, who will hear the sender's voice instead. Clubhouse will indicate when an artificial intelligence reads the message instead of a person.
Apple's Vision Pro Now Features Over 1000 Apps
The headset now has over 1000 apps specifically designed for use with the new hardware. Vision Pro is touted as the best mixed reality headset on the market, although work on it is still ongoing.
Nvidia Introduces Tool to Run GenAI Models on PC
The tool called "Chat with RTX" allows owners of GeForce RTX 30 and 40 series graphics cards to run an AI-powered chatbot autonomously on Windows PCs. Nvidia warns that downloading all necessary files will require a significant amount of memory — from 50 to 100 GB.
Creator of Pokémon GO Releases AI-Supported AR Glasses
Singaporean Brilliant Labs announced its new product Frame — a pair of lightweight AR glasses equipped with the multimodal AI assistant Noa. Frame will still have open-source code, like its predecessor.
Google Launches an AI-Powered Image Generator
ImageFX, based on Imagen 2, offers a user interface based on prompts for creating and editing images. As an additional security measure, Google marks images created using ImageFX with SynthID, a digital watermark.
January 2024
Investments in IT and Startups
StreamAlive Raises $1.58 Million to Develop Tools for Live Streaming
StreamAlive is an application for audience engagement for live streams, virtual meetings, and in-person events. StreamAlive works with popular platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, YouTube Live, LinkedIn Live, and Twitch. In the future, the company plans to add support for more platforms.
Ramp Acquires Another AI-Powered Startup
Expense management startup Ramp has acquired Venue, an AI-powered startup, expanding its procurement offerings. Previously, Ramp acquired
Inngest Raises $6.1 Million to Expand its Document Workflow Mechanism
The startup allows developers to focus on building their serverless internal workflows without worrying about infrastructure, execution mechanisms, and queues. The team has now added new flow management features.
Airfocus Secures $7.5 Million for Project Management Software Implementation
The company provides a modular platform with workspaces. With Airfocus, teams can track progress in one place and create product roadmaps that can be combined into product portfolios.
30.01.2024 Raises $150 Million to Develop Conversational AI for Enterprises
The funds will be used for product development and expanding's operations. The company stands above the infrastructure and fragmentation of all levels of LLM thanks to its platform approach, offering freedom of choice with built-in guardrails for effective AI deployment.
Digs Raises $7 Million for its Collaboration Platform for Home Builders
The collaborative platform provides home builders, suppliers, and homeowners with something akin to a digital twin of the home. The funding will be directed towards attracting additional experienced personnel to create and scale consumer technologies, facilitating efficient growth and accelerating the implementation of the marketing strategy.
DXwand Raises $4 Million to Scale Its Conversational AI Platform for Enterprises in MENA
The startup from Cairo and Dubai uses conversational artificial intelligence to automate customer service and assist employees of companies in the Middle East. Investments will help DXwand further expand and accelerate its research and development in the field of generative artificial intelligence.
Gen Z Investing App Alinea Raises $3.4 Million to Launch AI Copilot
The investment app offers AI-based capital management. Initial funding was received ahead of the launch of an AI copilot virtual assistant to help users with their investment needs.
Kittl Raises Another $36 Million for Its Browser-Based Design Tool
The Berlin-based startup is working on a browser-based design tool that can be used without installing an application. The company aims to create a tool more powerful than Canva and free from the legacy of Adobe applications.
Latitude Closes $30 Million Series B for First Flight of Zephyr Rocket in 2025
The French rocket builder startup is preparing to launch its first two-stage rocket. It will be powered by eight Navier engines printed on a 3D printer, which Latitude is developing internally.
Artisse AI Raises $6.7 Million for AI-Powered Photography App
The AI-powered app allows users to create their own photos using uploaded selfies combined with prompts. The company plans to use its technologies not only for consumer photos.
Torq, a Cybersecurity Automation Firm, Raises $42 Million in Expanded Series B
The funds will be directed towards expanding Torq's platform, including its artificial intelligence capabilities. The startup also plans to expand into international markets and increase Torq's presence in sales channels.
Aniai Raises $12 Million to Bring Burger Cooking Robot to Restaurants
Aniai raised $12 million for the production of a burger cooking robot on a grill. The funds will be used to launch the Factory One manufacturing plant in South Korea. The company will also implement the Alpha Cloud, a cloud-based artificial intelligence software platform for the robot.
Access Management Startup Oleria Raises $33 Million in Series A
The startup provides access management tools to corporate clients. Oleria also attempts to identify mistakenly granted permissions and unintended access, providing risk mitigation recommendations.
Prismatic Lands $22 Million to Connect Disparate B2B SaaS Apps
The startup develops a solution to help companies operating within the B2B SaaS space integrate their products into those already used by their clients. Prismatic's main goal is to optimize and develop integration applications to make it easier for SaaS companies to connect to third-party software.
Pomelo Invests $40 Million in Expanding Payment Infrastructure
The Argentine startup focuses on payment infrastructure, issuing cards, data processing, and transaction management for its clients. Pomelo pays significant attention to its credit card management platform, essentially a SaaS tool.
Vicarius Lands $30 Million for Its AI-Powered Vulnerability Detection Tools
Vicarius is a cybersecurity platform. The company recently launched an AI-based tool to help write detection scripts for system breaches. The funding will be used to promote Vicarius' products and double the team size.
Vertice Raises $25 Million for AI-Based Tools to Reduce Software Spend
The startup takes a more granular approach to specific areas of expenditure, particularly software spend. Currently, Vertice only tracks spending and usage on AWS.
Onera Raises $32 Million for Home Sleep Studies
The Dutch startup provides sleep diagnostic and monitoring technologies to help physicians conduct studies. The company plans to accelerate regulatory approval for the deployment of its second-generation PSG system in both the US and Europe.
Prometeo Raises $13 Million in Series A from PayPal and Samsung to Develop Open Banking in Latin America
The Uruguayan startup provides a unified API for connecting to Latin American banks. The funding will be directed towards expanding the business and increasing the staff.
1X, Supported by OpenAI, Raises Another $100 Million for Humanoid Robot Race
The Norwegian company focuses on creating humanoid robots. The funds will be used to expand the company's AI capabilities and bring the NEO robot to market.
Sway Raises $9.5 Million in Series A for E-commerce Returns Management
Sway currently operates in California, Texas, Washington, Maryland, Virginia, New York, and Florida. The funding will enable the company to continue developing its technologies, expand its team, and increase its coverage from 20 to 25 cities.
a16z gave Quora $75 million to develop a chat bot platform with AI Poe
Quora develops its own platform based on AI chat bots. Most of the funds will be used to pay for bot creators.
Luma raised $43 million on artificial intelligence to create 3D models
The company launched a phone app that allows you to shoot objects in 3D. Luma plans to use a computing cluster of 3,000 Nvidia A100 GPUs to train new AI models that can interact with the world.
PerformYard received $95 million to develop the HR Performance Management platform
The money will be spent on creating a package of applications and services PerformYard and increasing the team. PerformYard offers many solutions, such as annual and quarterly goals, constant feedback and many more.
09.01.2024 raised $2.2 million to bring ease to website creation is an open source development platform for Deno, JSX and Tailwind that runs websites in a global border infrastructure. The Brazilian startup creates tools for developers of high-performance digital services. Its goal is to bridge the gap between basic website builders and complex programming.
SentinelOne Acquires PingSafe for Over $100 Million
PingSafe is a relatively new and small company specializing in cloud application security. The integration of PingSafe's CNAPP further strengthens SentinelOne's security offerings, providing a broad spectrum of capabilities.
Nabla Raises an Additional $24 Million for Its AI Assistant for Doctors
Parisian startup Nabla is developing an AI assistant for physicians and medical staff, utilizing speech-to-text technology to turn consultations into written documents for use in both personal and online consultations.
Perplexity AI Raises $73.6 Million for Its AI-Powered Search Engine
Perplexity offers a user interface akin to a chatbot, responding to natural user queries. The platform's artificial intelligence generates summaries containing links to websites and articles, enabling users to delve deeper into topics.
Software Development
and Innovations
Zoom Unveils App for Vision Pro Featuring Digital Characters and 3D Files
The Apple Persona feature allows scanning a person's face and providing them with a spatial representation in Vision Pro. Zoom supports Persona, enabling meeting participants to see the movements of their faces and hands.
Opera to Launch New AI-Powered Browser for iOS in Europe
The browser is built on Opera's own iOS-based engine and artificial intelligence. The changes enable Opera to provide iPhone users with an alternative to Safari.
Pixel 8 Pro Now Capable of Measuring Body Temperature
Measurement is conducted by scanning the forehead. Readings can be stored in the Fitbit profile to gain a deeper understanding of one's health.
Samsung's EX1 Wearable Robot Enhances Mobility for Seniors
The EX1, worn on the hips, belongs to the growing category of robotic technologies. By using the EX1, elderly individuals can efficiently perform simple exercises such as walking and fitness, thereby improving their health and quality of life.
Google Chrome Web Browser Implements Artificial Intelligence Technologies
Google Chrome expands AI capabilities with a text assistant, theme creator, and tab organizer. With the built-in Chrome assistant, Google offers users the ability to create business emails, party invitations, or submit more formal vacation rental requests.
Rabbit R1 to Utilize Perplexity AI Technology for User Queries
The R1 is a gadget with artificial intelligence that eliminates the need to pull out a phone for tasks such as internet searches, playing songs on Spotify, and ordering a taxi. The company has already sold 50,000 devices through pre-orders.
Amazon Introduces AI-Powered Image Generator for Fire TV
The feature is available to users in the US with the second-generation Fire TV Stick 4K Max and Fire TV Omni QLED series. The new Fire TV option is based on Amazon's Titan image generator.
Snapchat Allows Parents to Restrict Teens' Use of AI in the App
Changes also allow parents to view their teens' privacy settings. For example, a parent can see if their child has the ability to share their story with friends or a selected group of users.
OneCourt's Tactile Mini-Field Enables Blind Fans to Follow the Game
Users place their hands on a laptop-sized field. The movements of the main characters in the game are transmitted through vibrations down to the second. The company claims that the technology can be adapted for other sports as well.
Ultrahuman Introduces Home "Health" Tracker
Indian wearable tech startup Ultrahuman announced the upcoming launch of equipment designed to monitor the "health" of your home. Sensors allow you to track natural and artificial light levels, air pollution, as well as noise, humidity, and smoke indicators indoors.
Invoxia Releases Smart Collar for Cats and Dogs
The device is an update to last year's smart collar from Invoxia for dogs, which tracked the pet's location and measured biometric data such as heart rate. If the sensor detects an anomaly, the owner receives a notification. The device can be installed on almost any collar using an adjustable ring.
Microsoft's Copilot Now Available on iOS and Android
Copilot is an AI-powered chatbot that can be used for composing emails, writing stories or scripts, summarizing complex texts, creating personalized travel routes, writing and updating resumes, and much more. Additionally, Copilot features an image creation function.
December 2023
Investments in IT and Startups
Arkon Energy Raises $110 Million to Expand Bitcoin Mining Operations in the US
Arkon Energy is involved in data center infrastructure. The new funding will be used to expand operations. The company was founded in 2021 in Australia and has since grown and launched operations in the US and Europe.
Lisbon-based Startup Bizay Raises $19 Million After Simplifying Merchandise Production
The startup, specializing in customized merchandise production, targets small and medium businesses. The funding will be used to expand the company and enter the US market.
EVCS, Electric Vehicle Charging Startup, Raises $20 Million
EVCS is exclusively focused on the West Coast. The company has 327 fast charging stations and 686 slower Level 2 charging stations at 186 locations in California, Oregon, and Washington. The funds will be used to expand the company's presence.
Cisco to Acquire Cloud-Native Networking and Security Startup Isovalent
Isovalent helped develop eBPF, a key open-source technology that provides developers with deep insights into the operating system level. The startup aligns well with Cisco's core networking and security strategy.
Medallion, a Platform for Direct Artist-Fan Communication, Raises $13.7 Million
Medallion allows artists to promote album releases, publish tour dates, organize merchandise sales, and sell digital collectibles to strengthen connections with fans. The funding will be directed towards expanding the platform's functionality.
Aerospace Startup Cloudline Raises $6 Million in Seed Round
The South African aerospace startup aims to become a leader in emissions-free autonomous flights. Cloudline has created autonomous airships that are an economical alternative to drones, helicopters, and satellites, providing real-time data collection in hard-to-reach and costly-to-service locations.
Vestwell Raises $125 Million to Help Companies Implement Workplace Savings Programs
The company is using the new capital to expand its government savings and other shared savings program initiatives, as well as to improve existing and develop new products. Vestwell works in partnership with financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan, state governments, and payroll companies.
Claim, a Social Network for Rewards, Raises $4 Million in Seed Funding
Claim is an application for rewards and a social network. The startup's mission is to make purchases engaging, useful, and social. The beta version of the app was launched in January and is currently focused on students at universities and colleges in Boston.
Halcyon, Anti-Ransomware Startup, Secures $40 Million in Series B
The funding round will help attract and retain key engineering specialists to expand product lines, improve and grow offered services. The company also plans to ramp up sales and marketing efforts to solidify its position in the industry.
SimSpace Raises $45 Million to Simulate Tech Stacks for Cyber Training
The startup creates digital replicas of organizational technology and network stacks for cybersecurity training. The company is expanding its client list from the private sector, signing contracts with the US Cyber Command, FBI, and national cybersecurity teams in unnamed US ally countries.
Verdane Invests $65 Million in Media Monitoring Startup Meltwater
Meltwater specializes in media monitoring and business analytics using artificial intelligence and big data analysis methods. It was essentially a portfolio deal, with Verdane acquiring a stake in Meltwater.
IBM to Acquire StreamSets and WebMethods from Software AG for $2.3 Billion
IBM has allocated funds to acquire two data integration assets from the German company Software AG, which specializes in enterprise software. The purchase is aimed at broader adoption of hybrid clouds.
Maka Platform Raises $2.65 Million to Simplify Fashion and Beauty Product Purchases in Africa
The African e-commerce platform in the fashion and beauty industry, thanks to online fittings, reviews, and user-generated content, allows users to find products tailored to their style. Maka will use the funds to expand the team, improve technologies, and deepen its presence in Nigeria.
Andalusia Labs Closes $48 Million Series A to Enhance Digital Asset Risk Management Infrastructure
The startup has three core technological solutions for digital assets: the Karak blockchain, the Subsea platform for managing crypto risks, and the Watchtower institutional platform. The funds will be used to develop the product and expand the team.
Verve Motion Raises $20 Million for Exosuit Business Development
The startup is developing robotic exosuits designed for performing physically demanding tasks in factories. The new funds will be used to expand Verve's market share and production efforts.
Guardz Raises $18 Million to Expand AI-Based Security Platform for Small and Medium Businesses
The Israeli startup has created a universal security and cyber insurance service for small and medium businesses. The funding will be directed towards expanding the business to meet market demand for enhanced protection.
Pivot Raises $21.6 Million for Procurement Software Purchases
The French startup is developing a tool for software procurement. Pivot offers a no-code interface for building internal workflows for procurement orders.
True Anomaly Raises $100 Million to Scale Space Security Technologies
True Anomaly aims to fill the gap in space situational awareness and defense operations using software and hardware. The funds will be used to continue scaling all aspects of the business.
Geothermal Startup Quaise Raises $13 Million for Drilling Preparation
The startup has raised $13 million out of the required $25 million to strengthen its position in the supply chain. Quaise is working to make its gyrotron drilling equipment compatible with existing oil and gas installations.
Durable Allocates $14 Million to Build AI-Powered Tools for Small Businesses in Service Industries
The Canadian startup Durable has introduced a program for creating AI-powered websites and other tools. They assist small business owners in planning, creating, and launching workflows. The funding will be directed towards further expanding the platform and customer base.
Mistral AI, a Paris-Based OpenAI Rival, Closes Series A Round at $415M
The French startup, co-founded by former Google DeepMind and Meta co-founders, is working on base models with an open technology approach. Mistral AI will direct funds towards expansion and the launch of its commercial platform.
ContactMonkey Invests $55M in Developing Email Software for Internal Communication
ContactMonkey, a platform that enables companies to create, send, and track internal messages from Outlook and other applications, will use the funds to expand its international operations and double the team size, focusing on sales and marketing organizations.
Opal Security Raises $22M for Identity Management
Opal adopts an automated approach to managing identities. The new funding round will be directed towards doubling the team size by the end of 2024, expanding corporate customer support, and enhancing product development.
Bujeti, Supported by YC, Raises $2M for Expense Management Platform
The African startup, focused on healthcare, logistics, agriculture, and construction businesses, facilitates the issuance of corporate cards, optimizing spending processes. The platform includes features that help companies effectively control and manage expenses.
Indian AI Startup Sarvam Receives $41M in Funding
Sarvam has received investments for creating a full suite of artificial intelligence offerings in the world's most populous country. The startup plans to release its first model in the coming weeks.
Vast Data Allocates $118M to Develop Data Storage Platform
The New York startup provides a scalable unstructured data storage solution designed to combat multi-tiered storages. Vast plans to use the new tranche to expand its business, focusing on the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, and Europe.
Sydney Startup Leonardo Raises $31M for Generative AI Development
The platform caters to creative industries including gaming, advertising, fashion, and architecture. Artificial intelligence allows saving, editing, and creating multiple resources in a unified style for reuse.
Startup Mine Secures $30M for No-Code Data Privacy Auditing Approach
The Israeli startup has developed a tool designed for quick privacy audits. Scanning the mailbox using artificial intelligence helps identify companies that have access to your personal data.
Kyron Learning Allocates $14.6M to Expand AI Conversational Technology
Kyron Learning, an AI-based educational startup, will continue to develop the generative capabilities of its platform and develop a math curriculum for K-12.
enCharge Raises $22.6M for Commercialization of AI-Accelerating Chips
enCharge, founded on federal grants received by Verma in 2017, has raised new capital to expand its team of 50 employees in the US, Canada, and Germany, as well as to stimulate the development of enCharge artificial intelligence chips.
Software Development
and Innovations
Bluesky launches an in-app video and audio player.
The new video and music player works with built-in services like YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitch. A "hide post" feature has also been added, allowing users to remove posts from their channels.
Spill enters open beta testing on iOS and Android.
Spill is the polar opposite of Elon Musk's social network, X. The founders of Spill, who met while working at Twitter, are creating a platform that values cultural diversity from the outset.
Microsoft Copilot can now create music through Suno integration.
Microsoft's AI-based chatbot can compose songs thanks to integration with the music app GenAI Suno. These will be full-fledged compositions, including lyrics, instrumental parts, and singing voices.
TikTok offers enhanced app capabilities for tablets.
The application is now optimized for larger screens. Viewers can now watch video streams in better quality and use optimized navigation panels.
The analytical platform ViewStats is launched in beta.
ViewStats uses the YouTube API to provide detailed channel statistics. The platform displays basic information: the number of subscribers, estimated monthly ad revenue, video views, and the dynamics of these indicators over a certain period of time.
The Firefox browser on Android adds over 450 new extensions.
Mozilla has announced the launch of over 450 new add-ons for the browser. These extensions allow users to customize the mobile browser according to their needs, whether it's adding tracking protection tools, content blockers, performance enhancers, or other features.
Spotify is testing AI-based playlist creation based on prompts.
Spotify is developing a new feature that will allow creating playlists using artificial intelligence technology and prompts. "AI Playlists" have already been spotted as part of the test. The company is testing how users will react to playlist creation using AI.
YouTube now allows pausing comments on videos.
You can temporarily pause new comments under videos while filtering out trolls and negativity. The pause option is located in the comment settings in the top right corner of the comment panel or on the viewing page in the app, as well as in YouTube Studio.
WhatsApp has introduced disappearing voice messages.
The new feature allows users to send voice messages that can be listened to only once. The option is created to enhance conversation security.
Pixel 8 Pro becomes the first smartphone powered by Google's new AI model Gemini.
AI will be used for two functions of Pixel 8 Pro: Summary in Recorder and Smart Reply in Gboard. Artificial intelligence will help prevent data leakage from the phone and is available even without network connectivity.
Visual Electric has introduced an AI-powered image generator for designers.
Upon request, users can select a color palette, exclude specific colors, choose a format, and mood, including airbrush, film, cinematography, and neon. Up to 40 generations per day are available for free.