Racoonstruction Group
—— making complex solutions easy
years of expertise
unique solutions
We are a smart solutions company with investment expertise
We combine the efforts of strong IT and internet marketing teams. We create new products and improve existing ones.
We make complex decisions easy.
The Racoonstruction group of companies includes the Racoonstruction holding of the same name.
Key competencies:
Advertising campaigns optimization
Internet campaigns development
Working with DMP-platforms
Examination in the field of IT startups investing
Development and implementation of RTB systems, Trading Desk, online auctions
IT strategies
Web analytics
We make:
Advertising platforms
Personal accounts
High-load online auctions
RTB systems
Intelligent trading platforms
Our clients:
International companies interested in new digital solutions.
Software Development
Full development cycle from strategy to launch. We specialize in the production and implementation of advertising RTB systems with the integration of DMP, intelligent trading platforms, high-load online trading auctions and other services on demand.
Internet Marketing Services
Development of effective online campaigns, maintenance and optimization of current advertising campaigns, organization of the optimal level of third-party platforms usage, eliminating the cheat clicks, views and conversions.
IT Investment
Investing in the acquisition of shares, stakes in advertising networks and projects related to the use of RTB technologies, as well as in startups in this area. We also consider investing in startups, where our expertise can become an integral part of the investment.
Instacart Launches ChatGPT Search Tool
Ask Instacart will help shoppers find answers to shopping questions with personalized recommendations. The new interface is built directly into the search bar in the Instacart app.


Adobe adds AI-powered image generator to Photoshop
Adobe has implemented the Firefly AI product in the Photoshop graphics editor. Users will be able to add new objects to the photo, remove unnecessary objects more accurately, create a background based on the original file, that is, expand the photo by drawing space.


Google introduced Product Studio for image generation products by sellers
Product Studio gives sellers the ability to create product images for free. The existing product images are taken as a basis. The program allows you to remove the background and move the product to a seasonal space.


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